I Hustle for a Seat at the Table – Megan Vizzini

About this week’s episode: A hustler learns from success and adversity.  How you choose to react to the bumps in the road can dictate your future.  Megan Vizzini shares her story of hustle, ingenuity, and how she turned tragedy into a quest toward fulfillment.

About our guest: Technology executive, big deal closer, visionary and servant leader. Mom and millennial. Resilient warrior.

Megan Vizzini helps companies get in formation for 2017 and beyond by unlocking their potential through technology. She sells things that propel people’s careers to the next level by delivering on and exceeding the business case we outline together.

Megan is the Vice President of Customer Success at RapportBoost.AI, an artificial intelligence and conversational commerce company that delivers a dramatic and sustained impact on business outcomes by optimizing human behavior and emotional intelligence. She grows and mentors the sales, customer success, and marketing teams while partnering with and coaching clients to realize the potential of their live chat channel with the backing of our AI algorithms and machine learning platform.

Previously, Megan served as Vice President of Sales at Boopsie, a B2B mPaaS company with over 4 million downloads. She successfully launched Boopsie into four new verticals, opened up the Middle East region, formed strategic partnerships such as LexisNexis, and closed deals with clients including BP, Mary Kay and the state of Colorado. She was an essential force behind Boopsie’s acquisition in 2015.

Megan believes in constantly learning and growing and empowering others to do the same. She mentors women and mothers into positions of leadership. She is not just for the cause, She is living the cause, and taking steps every day to advocate for women and mothers in the workplace and put them into positions of leadership.

Megan is a Silicon Valley (born and raised) expat living in Dallas, TX, keeping it real and crushing it on the daily with her husband, their tiny human and two fur babies. She earned a BA in Philosophy from UC Santa Cruz and a JD from Santa Clara Law.

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Hustle Over Entitlement is a podcast telling the stories of trailblazers and risk takers, hosted by Camille Stewart & Gabriella Ziccarelli.


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