I Hustle For Understanding- Tamer Shaaban

About this week’s episode: A hustler doesn’t just speak with conviction, but listens with empathy in order to achieve a greater understanding.  The hustle involves crossing paths with people of different walks of life, and being able to connect with them authentically.  Tamer Shaaban tells us his story of bravery, creativity, and how growing up as a global citizen influenced his art and storytelling craft.

About our guestFilm Director. User Experience Designer. Storyteller. Born in New York and raised in an internationally vibrant community in the bustling deserts of Saudi Arabia, Tamer Shaaban spent much of his childhood time tinkering with arts and technology. The rich ingredients offered by region’s community is what he attributes much of his work’s influence to. Upon graduating from Georgia Tech with a BS in Computer Science and a concentration in Human Computer Interaction, and after a quick stint at Coca-Cola, Tamer began his career at the Tech mogul Microsoft. There he worked with many different divisions in the company as UX designer, filmmaker, and software developer creating more than 40 products over a five-year period. While imagining platforms for Xbox and designing apps for the White House, he created his own film company “Mantis Films” to create experiences with clients like Audi and Amnesty International. It wasn’t until November 2016 that Tamer decided to take the leap from Microsoft into film and media focusing his full-time efforts on his own company, whose mission is to create experiences that challenge what you know. With a team of Designers, Software Engineers, Composers, VFX Artists at his side, he aims to help pave the way for the cross of film and technology.   

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