I Hustle for Control – Sharita Jennings

About this week’s episode: Choosing a life of hustle means not having to choose between your many passions – but melding them together instead.  Sharita Jennings shares her story of how she’s joining her trade and her passions together to promote well being for herself and others.

About our guest: Sharita Jennings is a health policy attorney and a group fitness instructor in Washington D.C. She coaches part-time at RowVigor and is a former trainer for the North Face Mountain Athletics Program. She has always had a passion for health and fitness and recently turned that passion into a rewarding venture of entrepreneurship. Sharita teaches an array of group fitness classes in the Washington D.C. area, she manages a health and fitness blog, and she is a freelance writer for online publications like BlackDoctor.org. She is focused on helping to share easy-to-digest information on living a healthy lifestyle with people from all walks of life. She believes that being healthy does not have to be a chore, rather it can be simple and even fun. Sharita continues to expand her expertise in health and fitness, by recently becoming certified in fitness nutrition and constantly staying on top of the latest fitness trends. You can check out Sharita’s workouts and advice at GetFitLikeThat.com! @GetFitLikeThat on Instagram and Twitter.

She can be reached at sharita@getfitlikethat.com for information on group fitness events and online fitness and nutrition coaching.

Resources mentioned in this episode:

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