I Hustle Without Limits – Kavya Pearlman

About this week’s episode: A hustler’s pivot is rarely limited to the professional arena.  As we grow as professionals, we also find ourselves pivoting in our personal lives as well.  Kavya Pearlman shares her 360° journey of hustle navigating career changes, personal pivots, and the interconnectedness of her holistic journey. #iHustleForIt

About our guest: Well known as the “Cyber Guardian” the founder of  XR Safety Initiative (XRSI), Kavya Pearlman is an award-winning cybersecurity professional with a deep interest in immersive and emerging technologies. XRSI is the very first global effort that promotes privacy, security, ethics, and develops standards and guidelines for Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, and Mixed Reality (VR/AR/MR) collectively known as XR.

Kavya has previously advised Facebook on third party security risks during the 2016 US presidential elections and worked as the head of security for the oldest existing virtual world “Second Life” by Linden Lab. Kavya is one of the Top 50 speakers in the cybersecurity industry and constantly shares knowledge via webinars, conference talks, and blog posts around Application Security, Cloud-native technologies, Machine Learning, and immersive technologies such as XR.

Kavya is constantly exploring new technologies to solve current cybersecurity challenges. She has been named one of the Top Cybersecurity influencers for two consecutive years 2018-2019 by IFSEC Global. Kavya has won many awards for her work and contribution to the security community.

Resources mentioned in this episode:

Listen to Kavya’s episode here or on your favorite podcast app.


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