I Hustle for Me – Kathy Lee

About this week’s episode: When you live boldly, you empower others to do the same.  A hustler’s brave actions may be their own, but the fruit of those actions belong to the many who are inspired to take a similar path.  Kathy Lee shares her fierce story of how she left the legal world to pursue an entirely different career path where she empowers her students to find inner strength and self-confidence. #iHustleForIt

About our guest: Kathy is the founder and owner of The Pole Project studio in Cape Town, as well as a pole athlete, performer, and instructor. She is also the President of the Africa division of the International Pole Dance Fitness Association. 

At 16, she packed up her life in Singapore to move to the UK on her own, so she could study law. She did her bachelor’s degree in King’s College London, before earning her masters at Oxford University. She then joined a large corporate firm in London, where she worked for five years as an IP litigation attorney. 

Kathy met her South African husband in Shanghai and moved to Cape Town in 2012. She continued working as a lawyer at one of the largest African law firms, before her love for pole dance took over. So she figuratively ripped off her corporate lawyer’s suit, opened her own studio in 2014 and began dancing professionally.

Since then, The Pole Project has grown to be one of South Africa’s largest and most successful pole dance studios, and has been pivotal in transforming the industry. Kathy has competed in several national pole competitions, including qualifying to represent South Africa in the World Pole Sports Championships in 2014, and her passion for pole has taken her all over the world, including training in London, Russia, New York, Singapore, Bali and Cape Town with renowned international pole artists.

Kathy is also the brains behind The Pole Factor competition and the annual theatrical pole production, A Feast of Flight. Her passion is for more and more people to recognize and appreciate pole dancing for what it represents – athletic artistry and empowerment.

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