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Camile Solo altCamille A. Stewart
Camille Stewart is a cyber, technology, and intellectual property attorney passionate about making the tech space inclusive of all education, ethnic, sex, geographic and professional backgrounds. Camille has dedicated her career to blending her love for tech with her love for the law.  Camille’s substantial business, legal and policy experience brings a unique cross-cutting perspective to bear on complex technology, cyber, privacy, national security, and foreign policy issues. Having served in the Obama Administration and the private sector, Camille has leveraged these experiences to opening doors for underrepresented groups. This includes founding a legal consultancy and startup incubator, MarqueLaw, PLLC, and the blog and serving as Chair of Women in Technology Young Professionals.

Connect with Camille at or on Twitter @CamilleEsq.

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Gabby solo cropped
Gabriella E. Ziccarelli

Gabriella is a tech attorney empowering innovators worldwide.  When she isn’t lawyering, Gabriella is a frequent guest on tech and law podcasts and regular contributor to various news publications covering topics including technology & the law, how technology is disrupting existing industries, and how businesses can strategize in order to enhance their competitive edge and tech savviness.  Gabriella is also a fierce proponent for the empowerment and creation of opportunities for women and minorities in the tech industry. She is actively educating the public about the disparities in the tech industry, and making a measurable change in the industry by creating opportunities for diverse talent in tech.   You can find her at or on Twitter @IPwithGZ

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