I Hustle For Wealth – Damien Peters

About this week’s episode: When life gives you lemons, make lemonade and pour others a glass too.  A true hustler turns hardship into a springboard for advancement.  Damien Peters shares his story of resilience, and how he lives a life where there are no mistakes, just life lessons.

About our guest: Damien Peters is the founder of Wealth Noir and a Product Manager at /dev/color, after spending 3 years at Facebook as a Product Manager. With over 5 years of Product Management experience at top tech companies, he’s worked on Crowdsourcing and digital advertising products at Facebook and several mobile games at Zynga and TinyCo. In a past life, he was a consultant at Booz Allen Hamilton. He holds an MBA from M.I.T. and Bachelor’s in Computer Science & Economics from the University of Maryland.

Damien Peters
Wealth Noir

Resources mentioned in this episode:

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