I Hustle to Understand the “Why?” – Elán Drennon

About this week’s episode: A hustler doesn’t accept a situation at face value.  Instead, a hustler dives deeper to understand the “why” behind what is going on.  It is in this practice that a hustler becomes a true problem solver. Join Elán Drennon as she shares her story of how she’s working tirelessly to solve some of the biggest problems facing the youth of our society at the local level.

About our guest: Elán Drennon is Senior Manager of Student Equity Initiatives and School Climate Strategy for Camden City School District in Camden, NJ. Her work entails creating policies that govern student discipline, student rights and responsibilities, and student interventions. She supports school leaders in development of school culture and climate aligned with the mission and vision of the school community. Elán offers training and technical assistance to schools and stakeholders. She supports students and families through bridging needs with services offered through community partnerships.

During her time at the district, Elán has launched an Equity Fellowship that brings together adults working in schools in Camden City School District for professional development aimed at creating a collaborative space for identity work and equipping individuals in schools to be agents of change. Elan has also partnered with the Ph.D program at Rowan University’s Center for Access Success and Equity to create a new research practice partnership and the district’s first-ever equity audits to elevate the voices of students, families, and teachers in order to ensure that we are getting closer toward identifying gaps and successes in our schools.

Elán is a former third-grade teacher, and prior to entering the classroom earned her Juris Doctorate at American University and a Bachelors in political science and economics at Fordham University.

Resources mentioned in this episode:

Listen to Elán’s episode here or on your favorite podcast app.


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